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More About Payday Brokers

here is no need to deal with multiple companies where your applications have been forwarded by a broker, because that is how they find someone to fund your loan.

Importantly, you are confident that your personal details are safe and not passed around to anyone since you directly transact with a lender.


Fast Payday Loans

Best of all, there are no extra charge for upfront or broker fees. So, it is less expensive, with rates lower than those offered by banks or other credit companies. Likewise, the processing time and approval is faster compared to other lenders.

They also offer help on how customers can save money and manage their finances so they can avoid late payments and rollovers. Another advantage is that direct lender payday loans are usually fast.


Online Payday Loan Sites

There are plenty of online sites that offer direct lending for payday loan. However, borrowers should be cautious with the websites that they opt to make a loan. Legitimate direct lenders do not ask for unsolicited fees like processing fee or any hidden charges. More so, they do not offer a panel of possible lenders.

They do not guarantee a 100% approval of applications since they also have to ensure that one can afford to repay the loan. The companies do not ask the credit history of the borrower, thus any bad credit score do not affect the approval of the loan.


Apply Today For a Loan

The application process can be done online and reviewed on the same day. The loan will be approved or disapproved in a matter of hours and the money may be transferred from 1 hour after approval up to the next banking day if the application is done in the afternoon. This is ideal for situations where money is urgently needed.


Get A
Payday Advance

What is a Payday Advance?
Learn how to get emergency funds when you need cash desperately.

A payday advance, also called a payday loan, short term loan and personal loan, is a method to borrow money, even if you have bad credit and without requiring collateral. All you need is a job and a lender like Loans Now. If you are gainfully employed, chances are you can get this type of loan.

You can use the borrowed money for any purpose. The creditors will not restrict you on how you want to use the funds of the loan as long as it is used for legal purposes. The money can be used to pay for utility bills, car repairs, groceries and other necessities.

There are government regulations that protect the borrowers from being charged exorbitant fees and charges. The same government regulations dictate how much money payday lenders can lend and how much interest and fees they can charge.

Having bad credit is not a problem because the lenders are more concerned about your guaranteed source of income and if you meet the other criteria for eligibility.

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What Are Direct Lenders?
Learn the difference between direct lenders and brokers.

Payday loan direct lenders is a loan servicing system where a borrower directly corresponds to a lender to loan money and repays it usually on the next payday or up to 3 months on a monthly payment basis which depends on the term agreed upon by the lender and the borrower. The loan is unsecured and no collateral is needed when applying for a loan.

This short-term credit does not involve any intermediaries like brokers or private equity firms and mainly focus on middle market borrowers who need emergency funds. And like any direct lending, the lender can be an individual or an asset management firm who takes over all the transactions with the borrower, from sending the funds straight to the borrower's account and to collecting the payment.

The cost of payday loans depends on the length of time one agrees to repay the debt. Direct lenders will provide you a calculation of the real cost of the credit. The amount of loan ranges from 100 to 1,000.

Payday loans with direct lends has many advantages. Since there is no third party involved in direct lending, the processing for making a payday loan through this scheme is quite easy and straightforward.

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